Meet MattMeet Matt

Matthew Moffett is a self-taught artist that paints for the love of painting. Raised in California, Oklahoma and Spain, Moffett was taught to appreciate beauty in all forms and also to express this beauty through art. Not realizing his artistic talents could afford him a living, Matt went on to become a Spanish teacher and translator after living and studying in Spain for a period of 5 years. Matt then went on to teach at a correctional facility and start a painting program for 2,800 very bored inmates and funded the program from his own pocket.

Matt created M2 studio when one of his dogs died suddenly of a brain aneurysm. Matt searched for someone to create a portrait of his dog, but found very few and very EXPENSIVE artists that were willing to do so. Matt decided that he would take a talent that was encouraged by his artistic mother and take a shot at painting his dogs. The first portraits were very interpretive, but his friends were supportive and loved the idea. From then on Matt has painted all of his friends dogs and from word of mouth, he was commissioned to do several others. The commissions have never stopped.

Why concentrate on pets? We at M2 studio feel that pets give unconditional love and deserve to be honored and commemorated as any human. Think about it. Most pets are considered to be like a child, yet better. Our pets never ask for anything but our affection and attention (and occasional treat), and in return they give us an unconditional love. Pet portraits are a way to immortalize your pet in a animal portrait. To capture their unique personality, our dog portraits or cat paintings will show their true character. Contact us for a pet portrait or cat painting or dog portrait or animal portrait.

Matt Moffett also believes in quality art that is affordable and desirable. We believe that a quality work of art, customized by you, does not have to cost the same as a Japanese car. We only use the highest quality pigments in our oil paints and finest supplies to make your custom sized canvas. Let us show you how exciting and rewarding having a custom piece of artwork made for your home.