Prices & Policies

Custom Portrait pricing is based upon your pet and their coloring, breed, size.


A basic portrait is priced PER ANIMAL, per canvas. This price includes a photography session and all interviews that will be needed to create your custom portrait. Because each animal is unique, so is pricing. Please call for a quote.


A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit of half the quoted price will be asked up front to ensure your space in our busy schedule. The rest is due upon completion.


Animals with rare, unusual markings (i.e. tiger tabby cat, or blue tick hound), is priced a little higher due to the amount of detail required. This will depend on an individual quote upon seeing the picture or meeting your pet in person.


Horses and larger animal commissions are very welcomed and again, depending on the animal (height, size, and coloration), individual quote will be prepared upon seeing the animal and/or photographing them.

Other collection paintings are priced by the artist and are not negotiable.


A portrait will take usually one month from start to finish depending on the season and the animal. During Valentines Day and Christmas only a limited number of orders are taken, so order promptly.


Some clients have paid for Moffett to fly and personally meet their pets in other states that are too far from the studio to drive. This is highly recommended, but prospective clients are responsible for Moffett’s travel expenses and accommodations up front. This really makes a great gift and the recipient is allowed to take part in every aspect of the portrait. Try it!


If you have any questions or would like to discuss any detail further, please feel free to contact us here at the studio or call (918)607-4955.

To capture their unique personality, our dog paintings or horse portraits will show their true character. Contact us for a dog painting or animal painting or horse portrait..