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A portrait by Matt Moffett is more than a likeness of you and your pet. Sweeping lines and bold color create a classic work of art to immortalize your pet and capture their unique personality and true character.

Religious View  Atlas Life  Foggy Stoplights  Meadow Gold 
PAC View  Hidden Corner View  snowflakes  Holy Family Night 
Mansell and Alessi  Midnight Prayer  Starry Starry Pond  Emma's Vigil 
St. Freida  Enlightenment  The Lady Pyewackett  Queen Ranella 
Pat's Peonies are invaded by Seahorses  Molly Dane  Bailey  Spike 
Lola as Cinderella  King Jesse  Lily  Ms. Emmy 
Tank and Junior  waiting  Nod  FEB. 
Downtown Tulsa Sketch  On My Way Home II  Boston View with Umbrellas  Stella and Noah 
The Fab Labs  Lucy  Riley  Roxy 
Jellicle Cat  Madison and Little Man  I'm just Wild about Harry  Prayer 
Pedigree  King of Treats  Rest  Adoration of Lily 
Piety  Neighbor  Cupcake  Europa 
Kayley's Production  Patience  Phoebe  Morgan 
Libby and Tommy  King Max  Emma's Wish  clouds daydreaming 
Brother Tonka and Brother Bhutan  The Bennett Gang  Hafiz  Tail of 2 Cities 
The Swan Maiden  Snow White  The Snow Queen  Sleeping Beauty 
Rapunzel  Prince Charming  Peter Pan  Hansel and Grethel 
Goldilocks and the Three Bears  Cinderella  Alice in Wonderland  Spanky 
Mona's Home  Bandit  Winslow  Their Royal Highnesses: Princess Lola and Princess Layla 
The Hunting Party  Winston  Xena and Jensen  Wilson 
Princess Grace and Lily Landshark  Maximus Bonaparte  Addie  Pokey, Moose and Saxon 
Macaroon  Butch  Phoebe  The Happening 
Mona Lulu  A Generous Heart  Houston as the Pope  Tucker Imitates Botticelli 
Max- King of Change  Whale Plate  pear  Organic 
Family Reunion III  Family Reunion II  Family Reunion I  Break Away 
Escape  Escapee  Death by Mango II  Death by Mango 
Death by Bell Pepper  Batik and Habanero  Abracadabra  Arrested Asparagus 
Escape from the Carnival  Escape from the Carnival II  Honey and Sooner  Clouded Steeple 
Boston View  Tulsa Garden Center  Intermission View  Art Deco Latern 
Narcissus  Wooward Maiden  On my Way Home  Blue Dome 
Boston Tower  Utica Clock  Mid Continent Tower  Nave Central (Main Nave) 
La Mar (the sea)  El Palau Catalan (The Palace of Catalunian Music)  44  Nardo (tuberose) 
Camino del jardin (Garden path)  La Farola (The street lamp)  Los Molinos (the windmills)  El Baco (Baccus) 
Breakfast with Picasso  La Sagrada Familia  Postre (Dessert)  Escriba Bakery 
Tucker  Schnitzel  Sam  Dante and Quincy 
Howie  Holly and Ripley  Fur Ball  Jill 
Lucy's Daydreams  Indy's Aquatic Adventure  Laramie  Phineas and Shakespeare 
Ms. Sallie Bean  Garden Room  Lily  Molt's Cash 
Boston Tower  Lilly and Lexi  Hunter  Claudia's Babies 
Chairman and Jake  Nolo  Woodrow  Hamilton's Sassy 
Kurin's Oliver  Atlas Life  11:45 A.M.  Ranch House 
Forgotten Turret  Quiet Holy Family  Boston Ave.  Corner View 
The Royal Family  Ohm mural  flowerbed  Coco and Gracie 
Brooke's Jungle  Jake and Kitty Boy  Winnie and Zippy  Shanti 
Geubelle's Ollie  Faithful Gilda  Lucky and Buster by Streamline light  Winter 
Fall  Spring  Summer  Copper, Barkley and Lucy 
Kurin's Mr. Parker  818 Martini Mural  Spring Cometh!  Max 
Zigaphone  Tibetan Blue Poppy  Landsacpe study no. 3  Pink Crocus 
A New Soul Cometh  Opium Den  Morning, Glory.  Monday, Monday, Lovely Funday 
Red Mimosa  A Meeting Place  Landscape study no. 74  Hurry, it's Lovely Here 
On a Clear Day, You can See Forever  Chinese Firefly Lantern  Ms. Cephus's Snowballs  Betty's White Poppy 
Emma's Pocketwatch  Gabe of KC Kennels  Buddy with Tiger Lillies  Emily's Big Boi 
Ballou, King of Sticks  Dame Edna  Tree of Life Floor  Latte and Anemones 
Little Guy  Anderson's Nellie Beaker Boo  Song of the Siren/Month of March  Mysticism 
The Night that Hattie Died  A Fiddler's Case- International Route 66 Festival  Mr. Kitty, Ollie, Mollie and Dolly  Where the June bugs Zoom 
Tiger on a Klimt Flower bed  Siser..here fish fish fish...  Patia the Mystic Siamese  They Tell me I was Born There 
Peacock Art Deco Pillar- Palace Cafe, Tulsa, OK  Art Deco Pillar - Palace Cafe, Tulsa, OK  Costa Rican Rainforest Mural  Costa Rican Rainforest Mural- ceiling detail 
Costa Rican Rain Forest Mural- hut detail  Peace on Earth Mural/Tulsa City Animal Shelter  Detail of Peace on Earth Mural/Tulsa City Animal Shelter  World's Tiniest Siamese/Tulsa City Animal Shelter 
Cat in a Hay Field/ Tulsa City Animal Shelter  Almost!/Tulsa City Animal Shelter  Abstract Cat/ Tulsa City Animal Shelter  The Four Directions floor mural 
Love is delivered to the Plaza Merced  President Gerald and Betty Ford's Happy  Oilve in her Chair  Sister Mary Lulu goes out to save the world 
Lulu takes a dip  Izzy  Hugo the Charmer, Tandy Family Tryptic  Sophie suns herself, Tandy Family Tryptic 
Cairo, Tandy Family Tryptic  Lulu's spring zephyr  Winnie withthe tiger lillies  Baby Zoe in the garden 
Pyewacket teaches Theo about Icarus  Miss Pearl strolls her midnight garden  The Mink Posee's Poker Game  Luke the blonde lab 
Lulu and Pyewacket attend the Pawcasso Soiree  Ahdo the Yoga pug  Miss emma takes her Whooping crane to prom  Ace and Farseti 
Ms. Kanga does not want to be a befuddled marm  The king of 1929 pouts in the cold  scared lulu in lillies  aphrodite as a hippo 
Cheeky monkey  Tucker the King  Chyna, the queen  Venus as a warthog 
The happening of truth  bush baby finds love  Elaine the masked boobie  All you need is love. 
Leo wishes for his doo...  Rufus does not like whooshing wind  Pearcy...(not precious)  Brutus...the Ninja Princess 
ClaraBell sings Cher  Ms. Emma Peel  Ms. Gordon shows off her new pot.  Jack says hello.... 
Demeter Takes a Smoke Break  Shakya Muni Bhudda  Molly the Princess  Malaga Lamp Post 
Blue Willow Kitty  Mitsy  Enid in the Jackfork Mountains  Madame Negrita 
Leo, cat-master of the universe  Hattie Sees a Merman  Duke and Duchess  Happy Cup of Joe 
Gabby  Coneflower  Harley and Chevy  Persian Vase- Tulsa City Animal Shelter 
French Cup of Joe  Jake  Spanish Boar Smoking a Cigarette  Wild Blue Leo 
Jugando la loteria con Miguel  Looky Here Lulu  Keck's Summer, Queen of Beauty  oliver 
Jasper, Avery and Max  Remembering Jandro  Ranger Meets the Fireflies  Ross Charisma 
St. Pinky  St.Pinky Watches over Jambo  Tinkerbell  Tucker 
Wiggie  Woman  Karen and Her Man  Joey and Sadie remembering louie 
Phoenix Pool Princess Warrior  Buddy recieves a sign  Halsey sees the GOLDEN BONE!  Betty Cocker Takes a Break