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A portrait by Matt Moffett is more than a likeness of you and your pet. Sweeping lines and bold color create a classic work of art to immortalize your pet and capture their unique personality and true character.

Religious View  Atlas Life  Foggy Stoplights  Meadow Gold 
PAC View  Hidden Corner View  snowflakes  Holy Family Night 
Downtown Tulsa Sketch  On My Way Home II  Boston View with Umbrellas  Clouded Steeple 
Boston View  Tulsa Garden Center  Intermission View  Art Deco Latern 
Narcissus  Wooward Maiden  On my Way Home  Blue Dome 
Boston Tower  Utica Clock  Mid Continent Tower  Nave Central (Main Nave) 
La Mar (the sea)  El Palau Catalan (The Palace of Catalunian Music)  44  Nardo (tuberose) 
Camino del jardin (Garden path)  La Farola (The street lamp)  Los Molinos (the windmills)  El Baco (Baccus) 
Breakfast with Picasso  La Sagrada Familia  Postre (Dessert)  Escriba Bakery 
Boston Tower  Atlas Life  11:45 A.M.  Ranch House 
Forgotten Turret  Quiet Holy Family  Boston Ave.  Corner View