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A portrait by Matt Moffett is more than a likeness of you and your pet. Sweeping lines and bold color create a classic work of art to immortalize your pet and capture their unique personality and true character.

Mansell and Alessi  The Lady Pyewackett  Jellicle Cat  Snow White 
Max- King of Change  Phineas and Shakespeare  Zigaphone  Emily's Big Boi 
Mr. Kitty, Ollie, Mollie and Dolly  Tiger on a Klimt Flower bed  Siser..here fish fish fish...  Patia the Mystic Siamese 
Cairo, Tandy Family Tryptic  Ace and Farseti  Shakya Muni Bhudda  Blue Willow Kitty 
Madame Negrita  Leo, cat-master of the universe