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A portrait by Matt Moffett is more than a likeness of you and your pet. Sweeping lines and bold color create a classic work of art to immortalize your pet and capture their unique personality and true character.

Midnight Prayer  Starry Starry Pond  Enlightenment  Queen Ranella 
Pat's Peonies are invaded by Seahorses  FEB.  clouds daydreaming  Mona's Home 
A Generous Heart  Winter  Fall  Spring 
Summer  Tibetan Blue Poppy  Landsacpe study no. 3  Pink Crocus 
A New Soul Cometh  Opium Den  Morning, Glory.  Monday, Monday, Lovely Funday 
Red Mimosa  A Meeting Place  Landscape study no. 74  Hurry, it's Lovely Here 
On a Clear Day, You can See Forever  Chinese Firefly Lantern  Ms. Cephus's Snowballs  Betty's White Poppy 
Emma's Pocketwatch  Song of the Siren/Month of March  Mysticism  The Night that Hattie Died 
A Fiddler's Case- International Route 66 Festival  Where the June bugs Zoom  They Tell me I was Born There  Love is delivered to the Plaza Merced 
Jack says hello....  Demeter Takes a Smoke Break  Malaga Lamp Post  Enid in the Jackfork Mountains 
Hattie Sees a Merman  Happy Cup of Joe  Coneflower  French Cup of Joe 
Spanish Boar Smoking a Cigarette  Jugando la loteria con Miguel